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  • Sat

    expoEM Autumn 2017

    Partington Sports Village, Chapel Lane, Partington, Manchester, M31 4ES

    Saturday 10.30 - 17.30 Sunday 10.00 - 16.30

    Admission Members £7.00 Visitors £8.00

    Tickets valid both days.

    Specialist traders, P4 and EM layouts, comprehensive "show you how" demonstrations and members secondhand sales.

    Exhibitors (all subject to confirmation)

    Black Lion Crossing  -  EM Geoff Kent

    Clarendon & Scrubbs Lane  -  P4 Lemington & Warwick MRS
    LNWR/GWR London suburban terminus

    Clevedon  -  EM Andrew Ullyott
    Weston Clevedon and & Portishead Light Railway

    Cornwallis Yard  -  EM Allison and David Barker
    GWR Plymouth Docks branch

    Harkness  -  EM Tony Bucknell
    LNER Northumberland

    North Ballachulish  -  EM Andy Cooper
    Scots modern image

    North Holderness Light Railway  -  EM Don Annison & Peter Steen
    LNER Yorkshire

    Portchullin  -  P4 Mark Tatlow
    Highland Railway

    Sandon Goods  -  EM Chris Hewitt
    Liverpool Docks

    Tackeroo  -  EM Andy York
    Military railway

    The Depots, Low Barking  -  EM Paul Gallon
    NE branch

    Valley Fields  -  EM Tony Gee

    At least twenty traders - 12 or more demonstrators

    Parking on site or in local streets - Free vintage bus service

    Catering on site.

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