Society announces ready to lay EM gauge track

EM Gauge Society ‘ready-to-lay’ trackwork

We are pleased to announce that the Society has commissioned Peco to manufacture items of ‘ready-to-lay’ bullhead wooden-sleepered trackwork in EM gauge.

With design work already at an advanced stage (undertaken to the Society’s own specifications), there will be left- and right-hand two-way turnouts (to B6 geometry), together with plain track.

The turnouts are will feature solid metal blades and parallel sleepering (perpendicular to the straight route) – with sleeper length and spacing as per the prototype. To be supplied as Electrofrog items only, the manufacturer’s existing code 75 bullhead rail will be used, whilst the existing Peco bullhead rail joiners will also be suitable for use with the EM gauge items.

Plain track comes in 914mm lengths, but with the sleeper base split into scale 60′ lengths; the sleeper spacing will be reduced on sleepers positioned at the ends of adjoining panels, as per prototype practice.

CAD renders of this new trackwork range are reproduced below. It is expected that there will be 3D-printed samples on the EMGS stand at this year’s Warley National Model Railway exhibition (24th/25th November).

These items will be available to members via the EMGS Stores and also day visitors to events being run by the Society such as the two annual expoEM shows. Delivery date and price information are still to be finalised but it is expected that the plain track will be available at the EMGS Members Day/AGM at Hexham on Saturday 8th December and the turnouts in Spring 2019.


EM track render 1

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